Tri-Counties Regional Center Funding

TCRCBlog_Main-720x405PAL is a vendor with the Tri-Counties Regional Center providing social skills training and intensive behavior intervention. In order to receive services funded by TCRC, your child must meet the necessary eligibility requirements and an application process must be completed. Services are available for individuals ages 2 yrs old to adulthood. If your child is currently served by TCRC and you want your child to receive social skills training or ABA services from PAL, you must first contact your child’s service coordinator and specifically request that Passport To Adaptive Living provide an assessment for the specific service you are seeking. TCRC provides an entrance criteria within these general service descriptions:

Social Skills

Social skills training may be provided to children entering Junior High and young adults to develop appropriate social interaction skills so they may participate in their home and community. Social skills training is provided individually or in a group format. It addresses significant challenges in engagement and awareness, social interaction, social communication and play skills.

Behavioral Intervention Services

Behavioral intervention services may be provided to address maladaptive, harmful, socially unacceptable, dangerous, or developmentally inappropriate behaviors. They are provided directly by, or under the supervision of, a qualified licensed or certified professional or a person trained in behavior management. Behavior intervention services use specialized methods of teaching important skills and provide training for family members, or primary care givers, in the effective use of positive behavior management skills. TCRC endorses only the use of non-aversive behavior intervention techniques which are evidence-based. The participation of parent(s) of minor children is required

Once services have been authorized by the service coordinator, we will set up a time for assessment. All assessments involve a parent interview, observation of your child, and direct testing of behaviors/skills. Once the assessment is completed, it must be submitted to regional center to initiate ongoing services. Both of these services are offered in Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, and southern San Luis Obispo County.

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